Why Summer Is a Great Time to Start Invisalign Treatment

July 4, 2022

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Do you find yourself smiling without showing your teeth because you aren’t satisfied with how they look? Maybe you feel like getting metal braces would compound the problem, at least during the treatment period. You might be looking to Invisalign in Warsaw to upgrade your grin, considering the treatment is subtle and people would be hard-pressed to tell that you are wearing clear aligners at all. Keep reading to learn from your dentist why summer is the perfect time to get started with Invisalign!

Enjoy More Flexibility in Your Schedule

Even if you’re not in school yourself, you’ll likely have a more wide-open schedule during the summer. When your day-to-day life isn’t as busy, it’ll be much easier to find the time for dental appointments to begin the Invisalign process.

As a bonus, you can look forward to more convenient progress checkups with Invisalign than you would with traditional braces. All your dentist has to do is examine your teeth and hand you the next series of aligners – no uncomfortable tightening required!

Get Visible Results Sooner

With any type of orthodontic treatment, the sooner you get started, the more quickly you’ll see results. One major benefit of Invisalign is its average treatment timeline is only 12-18 months (compared to 2-3 years with traditional braces). If you get started with Invisalign this summer, you should begin to notice a difference after just a few weeks. By this time next year, your smile should be almost perfectly straight, if not all the way there!

Indulge in Your Summer Food Favorites

Braces are notorious for restricting your diet since many foods run the risk of breaking a bracket or wire. Fortunately, Invisalign comes with no dietary limitations at all. Throughout your treatment, you’ll be able to dig into all kinds of classic summer treats like salt water taffy, pretzels, and corn on the cob. Simply take your aligners out of your mouth beforehand and enjoy all your favorites.

Just remember that before you place the trays back on your teeth, rinse your mouth and the aligners with cold or lukewarm water. Better yet, gently brush your teeth as well as the trays. This will prevent the aligners from harboring food particles that could cause staining or tooth decay.

Thanks to Invisalign in Warsaw, you don’t have to spend another summer being ashamed of your pearly whites. Visit your dentist today to find out how Invisalign can give you a perfectly aligned, confident grin this summer and every season going forward.

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Dr. Mike Rudolph earned his dental doctorate from the University of Maryland. A veteran of the U.S. Navy, he is a member of the American Dental Association. He finds the opportunity to help patients get healthy and stay that way very rewarding. If you are interested in Invisalign, Dr. Rudolph can preview your results with Virtual Smile Design and dental insurance is welcome. Schedule a consultation on his website or call (574) 269-1787.

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