Replacing Missing Teeth – Warsaw, IN

Get a Complete, Healthy Smile Again

Closeup of smile with lost tooth before replacing missing teeth

Teeth may be small, but each and every one of them is important to the health of your smile as a whole. When even a single tooth is lost, the rest of your teeth begin to drift, risk of decay increases, and bone loss can begin. Unless the teeth are replaced, you could wind up with a host of oral health problems. Not to mention, you might have trouble eating certain foods or smiling in front of others! Dr. Michael L. Rudolph offers multiple ways of replacing missing teeth at East Center Dental, and he can recommend the solution that’s best for you when you visit us for a consultation. Contact us today to schedule your consultation to discuss all your options for replacing missing teeth in Warsaw, IN!

Why Choose East Center Dental for Replacing Missing Teeth?

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Dental Bridges

Dentist showing patient two different dental bridges

A dental bridge is an effective yet simple way to replace one missing tooth or even up to four in a row. With a bridge, we place a pair of dental crowns on the natural teeth adjacent to the gap, with one or more artificial teeth attached in between them. Once your bridge is in place, the rest of your teeth won’t drift out of place, and you’ll be able to chew and smile with confidence.


Hand holding full denture

If you’re missing a whole row of teeth, then a denture is a classic option to bring all of them back at once and restore your ability to speak, eat, and smile like you used to. Almost anyone who has lost most or all of their teeth is eligible for a full denture. You might also qualify for a partial denture, which can fill in gaps left by missing teeth throughout the mouth.

Dental Implants

Animated smile after dental implant tooth replacement

Dental implants have often been called the gold standard of replacing missing teeth, and for good reason. These metal posts bring back the roots of your teeth by being surgically positioned under your gums and in your jawbone. Not only do they keep the jawbone strong, but they give your new teeth a stability and strength that’s on par with the real thing.

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