4 Ways Cosmetic Dentistry Makes You Look Younger

June 29, 2023

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Aging doesn’t help with your looks past a certain point. In fact, it usually results in a face that seems less vibrant and energized. Still, there are a few ways to regain some youthful glow. It just so happens that cosmetic dentistry makes you look younger. With the right procedure, this dental field “turns back the clock” and takes years off your face. Your Warsaw dentist can even explain how. So, here are four ways that cosmetic dentistry revitalizes your looks.

It Brightens Your Smile

Besides looking unpleasant, tooth stains also age your face. After all, yellow or brown teeth often seem like they’ve weathered many years. As a result, those with severe tooth discoloration can look older than they are.

Thankfully, teeth whitening solves this cosmetic issue. It relies on dentist-approved bleaching gel to remove stains from your enamel. From there, you’re left with a smile that’s six to eight shades whiter. This new brightness then helps your face convey energy and youth.

It Balances Your Grin

As you age, your gums may start to seem lackluster. They might get infected, resulting in enlarged tissue that distracts from your teeth. Similarly, gum recession could cause your grin to look distorted. In either case, your smile would appear more aged.

You could, however, treat these problems with gum recontouring. The latter procedure alters your gumline to look healthier and pleasing to the eye. In doing so, it often helps your smile look symmetrical and prominent.

It Addresses Cracks & Chips

Over time, you’re likely to suffer dental injuries or accidents. These mishaps can then cause chips or cracks in your teeth. Consequently, the knicks in your enamel could make your grin look worn out.

Still, it’s easy to hide these flaws with veneers. The shells would cover up any cracks or chips with high-grade dental porcelain. Your grin would then look new, fresh, and youthful.

It Prevents Facial Sagging

Once you reach middle age, you start to notice more wrinkles on your face. These include forehead creases, crow’s feet, and lines around your mouth. Such changes in your skin are apparent to others and convey a worn appearance.

Of course, Botox and dermal fillers can (temporarily) get rid of wrinkles. These treatments are painless and help firm up your skin, giving it a youthful sheen for months.

Clearly, cosmetic dentistry makes you look younger. You should thus give it some serious consideration. With one of the treatments above, it’ll restore your face’s former vigor!

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