What Factors Make Dental Implants Successful?

November 10, 2022

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A dentist explaining dental implant success

Compared to other restorations, dental implants are highly successful. In fact, they have a long-term success rate of over 95 percent! Still, you may want to know why they’re so effective before committing to treatment. After all, you likely want to ensure these prosthetics are right for you and your smile. Luckily enough, then, your local dentist has the answer to your question. Here’s a summary of four factors involved in dental implant success over time.

Prompt Treatment

Unlike dentures or bridges, implants don’t benefit from a “wait and see” approach. When and if you need them, it’s best to get the prosthetics soon after your tooth loss. Prompt implant treatment is likelier to succeed than a delayed one.

You see, a jawbone will slowly lose tissue around an empty socket. As that happens, your jaw will reach a point where it can’t support implants. That being the case, waiting too long will lead to bone loss, making treatment impossible.

Good Oral Health

Like many procedures, successful dental implants depend on good oral health. Without the latter, your prosthetics will likely fail soon after placement.

For instance, consider some common dental issues. When you suffer from gum disease, harmful bacteria might erode the bone that supports your implants. On the other hand, receding gums could lead to your implant loosening and failing.

Given such scenarios, a dentist will perform an oral exam before giving you implants. In doing so, they’ll find and treat problems that could affect your restorations.

Advanced Technology

You’ll have effective implants if they’re precisely placed. Given this fact, advanced dental technology also results in dental implant success.

Consider selecting a dental practice that uses cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) when planning your implant procedure. This 3D X-ray lets dentists find your bones’ exact volume and density, ensuring implant placement is mapped out before surgery. It also uses less radiation than traditional CT scans and can focus on your jaw region to give better resolution.

Of course, other kinds of tools can also help. A soft tissue laser, for example, might manage the gums around your implant to achieve a more lifelike look.

Implants’ Materials

Lastly, implants’ materials also contribute to their success.

For one thing, the titanium in implants lets them fuse with your jaw. Consequently, they usually remain stable and secure. An implant’s titanium post can even last a lifetime with proper care!

On the other hand, implants also have porcelain surfaces. As such, they’re stain-resistant and lifelike — often to the point that people can’t tell them apart from natural teeth.

In the end, you can see that dental implant success relies on various things. Therefore, remember the factors above so your own succeed now and in the future.

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