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You Get What You Pay For–Get The Best

Invisalign isn’t the sole option on the market for clear braces, though for many reasons it may be the best. With the rise of popularity in this alternative to traditional braces, it isn’t uncommon to want to know what else is out there, before making an informed decision.

SmileDirect, Invisalign’s competition since 2014, has drawn attention due to its cheap cost, however, there are many other reasons to consider Invisalign over its cheaper counterparts.

Why Cheap Isn’t The Most Important

Smile Direct is the leader in at-home clear aligners. With Smile Direct, you are mailed everything from the tools to make an impression of your teeth, to the aligners themselves, all without needing to leave your home for a consultation. Because of this, Smile Direct is, on average, 60% less than traditional braces. Although that may be a great incentive, consider the following:

  1. No supervision: In order to get your aligners through Smile Direct, you are sent an at-home impression kit. You are given short instructions on how to make the impression, and then you send it in to get your official alignment trays.

    Though that may sound simple enough, keep in mind that these impressions need to be incredibly precise in order to create trays which accurately move your teeth to straighten your smile.

    If your impression is even a fraction off from being fully accurate, the trays you are sent could do more harm than good, but as Smile Direct’s DIY approach doesn’t come with assistance when making those impressions, you have a very large margin for error.
  2. Lack of quality assistance: Any type of orthodontia should be monitored closely so as to protect the overall health of your teeth, jaw, and bite. Whereas Invisalign usually requires you to see your dentist every four to six weeks for follow-ups, Smile Direct merely sets up a chat session with you online every 90 days.

    Without the ability to be hands-on during your treatment, there is a larger risk of key issues going unresolved. Also, Smile Direct only requires three weeks of specialized training to service your treatment. Invisalign requires a three-year fellowship and completion of dental school to administer Invisalign. With how particular your dental needs can become, isn’t it wise to have someone with years of experience over mere weeks?
  3. Treatment limitations: Smile Direct is mainly ideal for those who have mild needs such as closing gaps in your teeth or other minor misalignments. If your teeth need extra attention to straighten them correctly, Smile Direct’s treatments may not be your greatest investment. Smile Direct’s aligners are also made out of less-durable materials than Invisalign, so if you grit your teeth, you will damage your aligners quickly.

The Best Decision Is Usually The Most Logical

Saving money is a very convincing proponent in making financial investments such as clear braces. Though anyone can understand that, keep in mind the exorbitant costs of fixing any damage done by settling for a treatment which comes at a lesser value.

Your smile is often one of the first things people notice about you. Why not make sure you choose the best option for ensuring they remember your radiant smile for years to come?

If you are in the Kosciusko County and would like to set up a consultation with a dentist who takes delight in getting to know you and your specific Invisalign needs, contact East Center Dental today!