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Why You Should Smile and Laugh!

Studies have shown that people who are comfortable and happy with their teeth, smile and laugh more. This is a great reason to take care of your teeth, you don’t want to be self-conscious about your smile and smiling is important. One of East Center Dentals goals is to help you feel great, by making your mouth feel great. Your body is interconnected, and your mouth is an important part of that. We are going to give some fun tips and facts about smiling today!

Everyone has been in a bad mood before, but did you know that faking a smile or a laugh can actually help make your mood better? It has been found that the act of curly your lips up or letting out a fake laugh will send signals to your brain, which will help make you feel happier. This may seem crazy, but the studies have shown this to be a fact. Next time you feel down about something, give it a try and you may find it will work for you! The same is true for laughing. It will stimulate circulation and will help your muscles to relax and the effects of laughing can last for over 45 minutes.


Smiling also makes you seem more approachable, and will make people want to be around you. When you are in a bad mood you probably don’t want people to be near you, but smiling can help others want to interact with you and this can help your mood improve. The more interaction and engaged you are with others the happier you will be. It is worth getting into this cycle. There is actually neurons in your brand that cause us to mirror certain behaviors that we see. That is why laughter can be infectious and will actually help you to bond with others. If you are in business, then being able to laugh with other clients, co-workers, and other businesspeople can help you be more successful.


Many people don’t love having to get up and go to work each day and this puts them in a bad mood. But when you are at work you should smile and try to be in a good mood, as this will help you to be more productive, which in turn will help the day to go quickly. On top of this, you will accomplish more too! So even if you have to force yourself to smile, you should, it will help. In customer service, they train people to answer the phone with a smile since customers can tell from your voice if you are smiling or not. No one wants to talk to someone that is annoyed or angry sounding. Try to smile next time you have to go to work.


Besides all of the scientific reasons to smile, the best reason is that it makes you feel good! Wouldn’t you rather be smiling and laughing, then upset or in a bad mood? That is why your teeth are important, it affects the way people smile, and this, in turn, can affect their happiness. We want to help you and all of our patients have the best smiles possible.