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Why You Should Chew Gum

Pretty much everyone knows they need to brush their teeth twice per day, and most know they need to floss each day, and even to use mouthwash. But did you know that your dentist wants you to chew gum? Here is why our dentists like patients to chew gum and how it is good for you!

We encourage our patients to chew SUGARFREE gum after eating meals. The sugarless part is extremely important to note. The reason for chewing gum is simple, it causes your mouth to generate saliva. Siliva is a good thing because it will reduce plaque, and it will help clean food particles from your mouth. It will even stop acids which can damage the enamel on your teeth. Studies have found that people that regularly chew gum within the period after a meal, are less likely to develop tooth decay and will have stronger enamel. We like both of those results!


Saliva is really important since it acts as a rinsing agent. It is primarily made of water, but it also has minerals and proteins that help keep your teeth healthy, and it also aids in digesting your food. Because of this chewing gum will stimulate saliva, which will attack germs, taste better, swallow easier, protect your teeth against tooth decay, and more!


If you notice that your mouth has been dry or that you have bad breath, it could be because you aren’t producing enough saliva. This condition usually doesn’t last that long, but it can be persistent, which is called xerostomia. The condition is caused by your mouth not having enough saliva to rinse, which allows bacteria to form and this can cause many different issues. This also increases your risk of getting gum disease. Periodontal disease is extremely common in the United States, and some suggest that almost half of the population has had it at some point during their lives. This is a big reason that dentists strongly suggest that you chew sugarfree gum and why you need to visit the dentist regularly.


Chewing gum is a simple way to help your mouth to be healthier, plus it is also a great way to help prevent snacking since it will trick your brain into thinking you are eating. So keep a pack on hand and after each meal start chewing!