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Why Dental Checkups are Important!

One of the main reasons that dental work can be costly for many people is because they don’t visit the dentist regularly. Researchers say that half of all adults haven’t visited the dentist in the last 2 years. Almost a quarter only visit the dentist if they have an issue with their teeth. This is a problem though because many people are living with pain in their mouth, as well as a large percentage of adults have tooth decay.

How often should you visit?

This is different for everyone, but a general rule is at least once every 6 months. The dentist may recommend more frequent visits if you have certain oral conditions. This is true for both children and adults. If you smoke then you may need to visit the dentist more often than someone that doesn’t. Generally, the dentist will give you a schedule for checkups based off of your oral health. You should follow it to prevent problems.


Why are checkups important?

Many people don’t consider their mouth when they are evaluating their overall health.  They usually only consider the health of their body, not their teeth. This allows problems to develop that could have been caught or prevented by visiting the dentist regularly. Here are two of the most common issues that a checkup can help prevent.

  • Bleeding gums are something that is commonly seen, that could have been prevented by a regular checkup. If your gums are bleeding then likely you will either have or develop cavities and eventually bone loss, which leads to teeth loss. Visiting the dentist regularly will allow them to take care of your gums and keep serious issues from developing.
  • Most tooth pain is caused by cavities. You do not want to wait for a tooth to start to hurt before visiting the dentist. If a cavity is causing a tooth to hurt, then this a sign that it may require a root canal. These are much more expensive and can be painful. If you have regular check-ups, then cavities will be caught early and will be filled and stopped from becoming worse.

Dental checkups are important in reducing the number of actual problems your teeth have and help prevent oral health problems before they arise.


Lower Cost

The cost of a checkup is much less than fixing a serious issue. Root canals, crowns, etc. are much more costly. So instead of waiting and paying for the expensive fixes, have a regular checkup twice per year and you’ll usually save money.  Preventative care is always cheaper than having to treat a severe issue.


Make your visit to the dentist regular and your oral health will be much better. Plus it will save you time and money!