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What Your Tongue Says About Your Health

When you think of oral health, do you think about your tongue? The tongue is an important part of your mouth, and can tell you a lot about your health! Your tongue obviously is important for taste and allowing you to swallow your food. But it also allows your dentist a clue as to your overall health! Here are what colors of the tongue can mean!

White coating

The ideal shade of your tongue is pink. So if your tongue appears to be coated in some type of white substance, this could be a sign of oral thrush or yeast overgrowth. It also could just be from you not brushing your tongue when you brush your teeth.

Bright red tongue

If your tongue is brighter than it should be, then likely it is a symptom of a vitamin deficiency, like B-12. Just adding a simple vitamin supplement can help deal with this issue.

White patches

There is a condition called Leukoplakia that happens when your tongue is irritated. This is most often caused by smoking. Every medical professional will tell you to quit smoking if you want these patches to go away. If you notice these white patches then you should visit your dentist to have them check for oral cancer.

Tender or sore tongue

If you notice that your tongue is sore, or a part of it is, then most likely you have a food allergy or are developing a canker sore. It isn’t a big deal unless it doesn’t go away for a while. If this is the case, then you should schedule a visit with your dentist.

Hairy Tongue

This probably sounds odd, but it does happen. It isn’t actually hair, but is made from protein, and can look like hair. Usually, a good brushing or tongue scraping will often take care of this. But sometimes you will need to visit a dentist.

As you can see your tongue can tell you a lot about your health and is important to pay attention to! If you are unsure of why your tongue looks a certain way, we would recommend setting up a dental appointment!