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Top 7 Reasons Why People Avoid The Dentist

Studies find that over sixty percent of people in the United States have some fear associated with going to the dentist. Most people find going to the dentist invasive, which can cause severe dentophobia and damage to oral health. It’s recommended to go to the dentist every six months for a checkup. This way you can be checked for any issues regularly, though this may be hard for people who fear going to the dentist.

What are some other reasons why people avoid the dentist, you may ask? Keep reading to find out.

Too Busy

It’s hard for some people to make the time to schedule dental appointments, but once you start, it’ll just be another part of your routine. As an employee, you should be able to request time off for appointments or make the time up. If you need someone to watch your kids or dogs, reach out to a family member or babysitter you trust. 


With dental insurance, going to the dentist shouldn’t break the bank. If you’re paying out-of-pocket, however, it can be an expense. The good news is, going twice a year won’t be as costly as various dental procedures or surgeries. Practicing good oral hygiene habits such as brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing will help protect your teeth from serious damage.

Fear Of Bad News

Most people aren’t necessarily scared of going to the dentist but of the bad news that can come. Denying your dental problems can only make matters worse. If you’re experiencing pain or any unusual issues, you should visit your dentist as soon as possible.

Fear Of Dental Tools

We get it, dental tools can be scary. Thankfully, dental instruments have become much more advanced which means little to no discomfort for the patient. If you have any reservations about the tools the dentist is using, let them know and they will explain everything to you beforehand.

Bad Memories

Just like going to the doctor or hospital, we each have some bad memories associated with going to the dentist. Whether it was your first cavity being filled or receiving bad news from the dentist, it can be nerve-wracking to go back. Dental offices today offer calming environments to help ease any fear or anxiety you may have. Soft music playing in the background or a TV to watch can help take your mind off things.

Talked Down To

Do you remember going to the dentist as a child and receiving a lecture about the importance of flossing? Even though the dentist was trying to help, you probably felt personally attacked and embarrassed about your dental health. Today, most dentists will be respectful and understanding when they discuss your results with you. As anxiety becomes more prevalent in our society, especially after the Covid pandemic, health professionals are having to be more mindful of what they say and do. You may find that your next dental appointment is quick, easy, and fun!


The biggest reason why people avoid the dentist is simply the anxiety surrounding the entire experience. All of the reasons above contribute to dental anxiety and make it difficult for people to go to the dentist. When scheduling your appointment, let them know if you have anxiety and they will do their best to make the experience as easy and painless as possible.

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