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The Best Foods For Your Teeth!

Food effects every aspect of your health, teeth included. Sugary food often causes tooth decay and can affect your health in other negative ways as well. This list will give you some great suggestions on food that will help keep your teeth healthy!



Yogurt has a large amount of protein and calcium in it. This is good for your teeth! Bad bacteria cause cavities, but good bacteria can prevent them. Yogurt has probiotics, which will help your gums and also help fight those bad bacteria.



Cheese much like yogurt, since it is high in protein and calcium. If you are a cheese lover, you now have even more reason to be. It was found in 2013 that eating cheese actually raises the pH level in your mouth, which in turn lowered the risk of tooth decay.


Leafy Greens

Pretty much every list with healthy foods will have leafy greens somewhere on it. The reasons for this are vitamins and minerals that are good for you and also being low in calories. Kale and spinach are especially good for oral health. The high amount of calcium builds enamel. These foods also contain folic acid, which is a type of vitamin B. This vitamin has many health benefits one possibly being aiding in treating gum disease. Next time you eat pizza, put some kale on it or add some spinach to your salad!



Generally, the ADA doesn’t recommend sweet foods; however, there are exceptions for apples, since they have a lot of fiber and water. When you eat an apple, it creates saliva, which rinses out the food particles and bacteria in your mouth, and the fiber of the apple can help your gums. Eating an apple isn’t as good as brushing your teeth, but it helps get rid of plaque until you get a chance to brush your teeth. An apple is a great snack if you aren’t going to be able to brush your teeth throughout the day.



Some people may not like just plain celery, but it is very good for you, and we would suggest it! Like apples and carrots, celery acts as kind of a natural tooth brush. It also contains vitamin C and A, which are antioxidants that benefit your gums.



Almonds are a great source of calcium and protein, and are also low in sugar. Eat a handful of these with your lunch or dinner and it can benefit your teeth!



Eating carrots is similar to apples and celery. They contain fiber and vitamin A. Eat these raw on salad, or just on their own!


These are some of the most common foods that can be great for your health, including your teeth and gums. Try eating more of these foods and less food that contains large amounts of sugar.