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Taking Care of Your Teeth on Vacation

When you are on vacation it is easy to slip out of your normal routines. But it is important to take care of your teeth even when you are on vacation. If you follow of few of these simple tips then you’ll be able to keep your teeth healthy and enjoy your vacation at the same time!

Take the essentials

You should always pack your own dental supplies when you travel since it is usually much more expensive to purchase them once you are wherever you are going. Also if you don’t bring your own supplies, then it is much easier to break your normal routine. This will then start you on a non-healthy path. It may seem obvious to pack your toothbrush and toothpaste, but it is easy to forget them when you are packing! While you can obviously get toothpaste anywhere, you may not like the taste of toothpaste from other countries. So take what you are used to!

You also need to take extra effort to keep your toothbrush clean. We would suggest either using a toothbrush cover or using a plastic bag. Just ensure that it is clean, and kept away from other supplies you are carrying. Don’t forget the other supplies like mouthwash, floss, sunscreen, etc.!


While it is easy to forget your routine while you are on vacation, it is important to keep with a simple and easy oral health routine. Try to make sure that you always make this an important part of the day. Your teeth are important whether you are on vacation or at home. Make sure to brush at least twice per day, and keep your toothbrush and other supplies close at hand so this is doable.

Dental care myths

Some people think that they are able to avoid brushing their teeth while on vacation, but it is okay if they use mouthwash. This isn’t the same thing, and shouldn’t replace brushing your teeth. If you are camping, you might think oh I can use a twig, to brush my teeth. While in the past certain plants were used, they aren’t nearly as good as a toothbrush. So don’t use your finger, or anything else. Use your brush!


Once you are back from your vacation, it is a great time to have a dental checkup. Since it is possible that you didn’t eat as well and brushed less on vacation that is a great time to have a checkup. This will include a good cleaning and can fix any issues you might have.