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Should You Use Mouthwash?

Rinsing your mouth should be an important part of any daily oral health routine. We have talked in the past about brushing your teeth, flossing, and chewing gum, but we have never talked about mouthwash. So this week we are going to discuss why you should use mouthwash and some tips!

Why rinse?

Using mouthwash in your daily routine will add a second layer of protection against gum disease. While your teeth are taken care of when you floss and brush, your teeth are only half of your mouth. Your gums and tongue are great at holding bacteria, and using a mouthwash will help fight this bacteria. That is why it is important to rinse each day!


What type of mouthwash should I use?

The dental association recommends using alcohol-free mouthwashes, and that children under the age of 6 shouldn’t use any type. The reason for this is because young children generally won’t spit the mouthwash out once they are done with it.

There are basically two different types of mouthwash. Therapeutic, and cosmetic rinses. Cosmetic mouthwashes are generally used primarily to reduce bad breath temporarily. Whereas on the other hand therapeutic mouthwash is actually beneficial to your oral health. A good therapeutic mouthwash should do multiple things, which includes killing bacteria, freshening your breath, lessening cavity risk, reducing plaque, help protect against gum disease, and more. You should choose a mouthwash that has the American Dental Association’s Seal of approval.


Will mouthwash fix bad breath?

The quick answer to will mouthwash fix bad breath is no. But it usually it will help! There are other reasons you could be having bad breath though. Bacteria is the biggest culprit for bad breath. This is why brushing your tongue and using mouthwash can help fight bacteria.

Gum disease will almost always cause bad breath, but if you have gum disease then you have more issues then mouthwash can fix. You need to visit the dentist regularly in addition to having good oral hygiene habits at home.

The foods you eat also play a big part in how your breath smells! Usually, though this type of bad breath can be fixed quickly! Chew some gum, or brush your teeth and rinse with mouthwash.

Tobacco is a huge cause of bad breath since not only does it have an extremely strong smell, but it also makes it two times more likely that you’ll have gum disease. No matter what the cause is, you need to make sure that you are drinking water regularly since this will help your mouth produce saliva which will flush your mouth and help keep it clean.


This all boils down to us highly recommending adding a good mouthwash into your daily routine. This will not only help your mouth feel fresh but will also keep it healthier!