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How To Own A Winning Smile And Athletic Career

Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign is much more user-friendly and presents a smaller amount of adaptations needed for your daily life while using Invisalign. If you are an athlete or have a student athlete in your life, Invisalign is just what you need to further your success in both your athletic ability and your straighter, more brilliant smile!

What Freedoms Do I Have With Invisalign In Sports?

While every sport takes an intense amount of skill in order to excel, not all sports are categorized as full-contact sports.

If you are involved in sports such as, tennis, track, basketball, biking, or gymnastics, those types of sports are perfectly safe to play while wearing your Invisalign aligners. These sports are less likely to injure your teeth and mouth, which makes wearing your aligners the full 22 hours a day much easier.

Full-contact sports leave you with a high risk of forceful impact on your face, which could damage your teeth, setting your Invisalign treatment back on schedule, and damaging your aligner. Sports which may cause issues if you leave your aligner in are sports like boxing, rugby, wrestling, hockey, or martial arts.

The Best Time To Remove My Invisalign Aligners

If your sport requires you to wear some type of mouth or gum guard during practices and events, do not consider your aligner a good substitute.

Although your aligner fits snugly against your teeth, and is made from medical-grade materials, it is not suitable for high contact sports, and will not protect your teeth as well as a mouth guard will. 

If you aren’t completely positive whether your practice or sports event will damage your aligner, it is a wise idea to take out your aligner before participating. Don’t forget to place your aligner in a hard case for storage.

In the end, remember the investment you’ve made, both in your Invisalign treatment, and your overall dental health. If you don’t take the proper precautions before participating in your choice of sport, you may damage one of your greatest investments: your teeth!

Do You Have A Dentist Who Supports Your Sports Interests?

If you’re wondering what the right choice is for you, but have no idea how to determine that, don’t hesitate to connect with the team at East Center Dental in Kosciusko County, Indiana. The highly trained team is spectacular at helping improve your smile and supporting your athletic passions to the best of their abilities. Call us today!