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How To Eat Less Sugar This Fall

Fall is right around the corner, so this means pumpkins, candles, campfires and Halloween! This is always a fun time of year, but is also a time when many people eat a lot of yummy food and sweets. The goal of this blog isn’t to convince you not to eat anything that has sugar in it. We understand nearly everyone loves sugary foods and will most likely eat candy or other sweet foods; however, we do encourage doing so in moderation. There are also many substitutes to satisfy your sweet tooth which aren’t full of sugar. Most people understand that large amounts of sugar can be damaging to your health and your teeth. It can eat into your enamel and eventually cause tooth. Here are some healthy cooking tips!


Natural Sweeteners

Natural sweeteners can often replicate the same taste of sugar, and aren’t as bad for you and your teeth! This doesn’t include artificial sweeteners. Examples of natural sweeteners would be maple syrup, agave nectar, and raw honey. These natural sweeteners are actually much sweeter than your normal white sugar, which means you can use less! This is always a good thing. A bonus benefit is that natural sweeteners like honey also have additional nutrients. Just keep in mind that even natural sweeteners have sugars in them, so don’t go crazy with these either. Even so, they are much better for your teeth and your body.


Find new recipes

The previous tip will generally allow you to use existing recipes and will only require altering them slightly to change the type of sugar added. A more effective solution is to find new recipes that are sugar free or at the very least, low in sugar content. Different recipes will also keep you from comparing the old and new. Thanks to the Internet, you have a huge depository of websites and blogs that have thousands of healthy recipes you can obtain for free! Since sugar is so damaging, there is a huge need for healthy meals. Simply Google search healthy alternatives to your favorite sweet tooth craving.


Take care of your teeth

Even if you take the steps to consume less sugar, don’t neglect taking care of your teeth. Consuming any amount of sugar means you should be brushing your teeth multiple times a day, as well as flossing. This will keep sugar from building up and causing cavities and tooth decay. Visiting your dentist at least twice a year is vital to keeping your teeth healthy and clean.


Eating healthier has lots of benefits, many including your oral health. If you aren’t able to become completely sugar-free this fall season, brush, floss, and visit us here at East Center Dental to keep your teeth healthy.