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9 Tips to Cut Down on Sugar

Nearly everyone knows that sugar isn’t good for your teeth. But despite everyone knowing this, sugar related dental problems are the most common issue we see. But the fix is also pretty obvious. All you have to do is consume less sugar. Not only will it strengthen your teeth, lessen your risk of cavities,  but it can also help you lose weight! Here are some tips for reducing the amount of sugar you consume.

1.There is more than one type of sugar.

While we usually think of sugar as the white stuff in the bowl, it actually comes in many different forms. This includes sucrose, fructose, glucose, molasses, corn syrup, and more. Try to avoid all of these, not just granulated sugar.


2. Be smart during breakfast.

Switching out your sugary cereals to ones that don’t have sugar can make a huge difference in your dental health. It can be shocking how much sugar is in breakfast cereal. Some are composed of up to a third of the sugar. Having a good breakfast is also helpful in avoiding the snacking throughout the day.


4. Fat-Free is not problem free.

Just because something says it is fat-free does not mean that it is sugar-free. Often the sugar substitute fructose is used which can be just as harmful to your teeth. One easy rule of thumb is to look for the lightly traveled areas of the grocery store if you want to find the best food.


5. Buy Fresh

The best thing for your teeth is to eat fresh whole foods. When you squash a banana or other fruits into a smoothy, it releases the natural sugars and then this coats the entire tooth. Eating them whole avoids this issue and is helpful in preventing issues.


6. Schedule it out

it takes around an hour for your mouth to return back to its normal state after eating. So if you snack or sip all day long, then your mouth won’t have time to recover. So if you must eat or drink sugar, try to keep it only to meals, and brush afterward.


7. Careful with the Coffee

Many people don’t drink coffee black, and popular chains such as Starbucks have made sugary coffee drinks incredibly popular. Next time you order coffee maybe skip the sugar.


8. Early to bed

Night owls actually have a higher likelihood of having bad oral health. This is because they are more often likely to forget to brush their teeth which then causes cavities. Also, late night snacking before bed is a big problem, since sugars then sit on your teeth all night.


9. Drink water

Drinking water regularly can also be beneficial for your dental health since it can replace sugary drinks. And it can help flush some of the sugar away from your teeth. We would suggest drinking water after each meal.


These are just a few of the steps anyone can take to cut down on the amount of sugar they consume. These steps should help decrease your chances of cavities or gum disease and increase your oral health. Visit the dentist regularly to make sure that you don’t have any cavities or other sugar-related problems.