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4 Reasons Straight Teeth Are Important!

Most people, regardless of their age, would like to have straight teeth. The main reason for many people is that they want to have a beautiful smile, but there are many other great benefits of having straight teeth! Here are a few more reason why you should look into a product like Invisalign to straighten your teeth!

  • Better bite

One of the most important aspects of having straight teeth is having a proper bite. The term bite refers to the way that your upper and lower teeth align. Having poorly aligned teeth or gaps in your teeth can cause major issues chewing and eating. You may not even notice this since you will automatically try to compensate with a poorly aligned bite, but once it is fixed you will notice a major difference. Down the road, this can cause even more major issues and needs to be taken care of. East Center Dental offers Invisalign, which is one of the best teeth-straightening products available.

  • Better Oral Care

If your teeth aren’t properly aligned, then it will be much harder to clean your teeth. There will often be overlapping teeth, which can make it difficult to remove the plaque and bacteria from those areas. This will then lead to cavities and even gum disease. If you have poorly aligned teeth, then you will have to work much harder to keep your teeth clean.

  • Aligned Jaw

Sometimes badly aligned teeth can actually cause your jaw to be misaligned and this can cause speech impediments. Thankfully proper straightening can take care of your teeth and jaw. It is possible that extensive work may need to be done to get your teeth aligned. This also dictates how long the process will take to get your teeth straight.

  • Confidence

We talk to and help people all the time that don’t like to smile because they don’t have confidence in their teeth. We hate seeing this because this is something that can be fixed and makes a huge difference! A beautiful smile can give people the confidence to smile and laugh more, which leads to a happier and healthier life!

These are just 4 of the reason that having straight teeth is important. Your dentist will let you know if your teeth are properly aligned and if you are going to need corrective care. One of the unique aspects of East Center Dental is that we can assist with teeth straightening through Invisalign.