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Pull Your Tooth or Save it?

 If you have had a tooth that is infected or has severe cavities, it can seem like the best choice is to have the tooth removed. Especially if you are in pain. But we would caution against this! Although it might be easy, it isn’t always the best option. While the choice is up to you, we would encourage you to make sure you know all of the facts before making this decision!

Natural teeth are the best!

  • Natural teeth are much stronger and all around better than artificial teeth. While materials and technology have continued to get better and better in false teeth, but natural is still the best!
  • Preventing shifting teeth is another important reason not to just have a tooth pulled. Many people don’t think it is a big deal to leave a gap of a missing tooth. But if you do this then it is possible that your other teeth will start to shift over and fill this space. This can lead to more issues and more pain.
  • Losing teeth can cause your jaw to deteriorate, which can cause your face to look much older. Most people like to try to avoid this.
  • Missing teeth can cause some people to avoid smiling because they feel self-conscious. We don’t want anyone to not smile because of missing teeth and is something to think about before having a tooth pulled.
  • Having a root canal done will cause much less pain, then having the tooth pulled. Since it is possible to have issues after teeth are removed. With a root canal, the issue will be fixed, and you won’t have any future problems.
  • Keeping your natural teeth will actually require less dental visits since putting in a fake tooth will require many visits and extensive work.
  • Fixing your natural teeth is usually cheaper than replacing your teeth.

There are many reasons to keep your natural teeth, but if your tooth is decayed or infected, then it may be tough to keep it. The answer to this is a root canal, which is a procedure where the inside of your tooth is cleaned and disinfected, to remove the decay. Once the interior is cleaned it is then filled with a strong substance that will reinforce the tooth and make it strong again.

The decision to remove a tooth or not can be tough, and in some situations you may not have a choice. But if you aren’t sure what to do, talk to your dentist! Your dentist will know best what you should do, and they will lay out the plan to fix the issue and take any pain away and give you the confidence to smile!