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How Dental Implants Work.

You could need dental implants for many different reasons, but most are from tooth decay or from injury. Whatever the reason for missing teeth, the process of getting dental implants is the same.

The process

Implants start with installing a titanium post into your jaw. Once it is secured and settled in your mouth, a crown is added. This will make it feel like you have a real tooth. This is usually performed with anesthesia or full sedation if the patient prefers this. Our dentists will talk to you about the options.



Once the implant has been put into your mouth, the recovery process can start. Your body will start to grow bone around the implant. This process is called osseointegration, and it is basically putting down roots. Even though the implant is artificial, it will become part of your mouth! Usually, this process takes a few months. You will have a temporary crown installed while this is happening. Once it is healed, you will then have the permanent crown installed. While the healing is happening you should avoid any hard foods like nuts or popcorn. You will have several follow up appointments to check on your progress.



After the long process of getting the implants, your probably don’t’ want to have issues with it years later. The best way to avoid these problems is to properly maintain your implants. You should treat your implant like you would your other teeth. Brush and floss your implant normally. Just because it isn’t a real tooth, doesn’t mean you don’t need to take care of it. It is still possible for it to have the same issues that your real teeth can have. We also suggest not smoking and possibly changing your diet to benefit both your oral health and the rest of your body.


Our goal is to help you have the best oral health possible. We want the entire experience to be simple and comfortable. If you are missing a tooth, schedule an appointment to discuss your options.