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What To Expect When You Get A Teeth Cleaning

Are you someone who feels anxious before every dental appointment? You’re not alone! One way that may help ease some of your anxiety is to know what’s coming so you can be mentally prepared. In this article, we will break down each stage of a teeth cleaning so you’ll know what to expect at your next dental checkup.

1. Check-in.

Once you arrive and walk through the front doors, a receptionist will be there to greet you and check you in for your appointment. If you’re a new patient, you will be instructed to arrive 30 minutes prior to your appointment time so you can fill out paperwork and give them your insurance card(s). If you are a regular, the receptionist will simply ask if your address or insurance has changed and you will wait in the lobby to be called back.

2. Review Of Your Current Oral Hygiene Routine.

A dental hygienist will call you back for your appointment shortly after you sit down. You will follow them to their room and you’ll take a seat in the dental chair. The hygienist will ask about your brushing and flossing habits and anything else relevant to your medical history.

3. Begin Basic Oral Examination.

Next, your hygienist will begin examining your teeth. Please make sure to tell them if you’ve been experiencing any pain or have any problem areas. Using a small dental mirror, they will inspect your teeth for any cavities, inflammation, or any other issues. As they go, they will make a note of anything they see that is potentially problematic.

4. Removal Of Tartar.

Tartar removal sounds scarier than it actually is. The dental hygienist will simply use a hand-held metal scaler to scrape the excess tartar from your teeth and gum line. This prevents a buildup of bacteria in the tartar which can lead to gum disease.

5. Brushing And Flossing.

After all of the tartar has been removed, the hygienist will use an electric toothbrush and gritty tooth polish to brush your teeth. This will ensure there is no leftover tartar. After the brushing, they will then floss your teeth in order to give you a thorough cleaning.

6. Dentist’s Review.

After all of these steps have been taken, the dentist will come into the room to examine your mouth, as well. He or she will look over the hygienist’s cleaning and investigate any problem areas the hygienist has noted. After the dentist gives you the all-clear, you are good to go! If they do find an issue, the dentist will discuss it with you and plan the next step.

Still Searching For A New Dentist?

Every 6 months, we recommend a dental checkup to make sure you and your teeth are healthy. We hope outlining these steps has calmed your nerves about visiting a dental office. Please give us a call at (574) 269-1787 or contact us here. We can’t wait to meet you!