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What is a Deep Teeth Cleaning?

Not everyone is familiar with the term deep teeth cleaning. You may wonder if you need it. Most dentists recommend having your teeth deep cleaned if you have any level of gum disease. So now we are going to explain what a deep cleaning is and if you need one!

Deep cleaning is also called gum therapy, but basically, it is cleaning between your teeth and the gums. Like a normal cleaning, the hygienist will clean the tooth, the sides of the teeth, and the gum line, but they will also go down to the root. This is for the purpose of treating gum disease and may require multiple treatments. If you visit the dentist regularly, then you usually won’t have to have this procedure. Most of the plaque the builds up is right along the gum line. When you brush your teeth and floss, this will get most of the plaque on your teeth, but this often can’t get it all. But if you don’t brush your teeth regularly, or if you have a genetic predisposition to gum disease, then it is likely you will get gingivitis.


If you have some form of gum disease the dentist will work to determine the depth of the infection. This is done with x-rays, and pocket depth readings. When they find evidence of the infection, it will then require a deep cleaning. The hygienist will give a rating to each tooth on the severity of the infection. Once the gum disease or gingivitis is removed, the goal is to prevent it from returning. This is done by regular visits to the dentist. You also need to brush well and floss regularly. Regular visits to the dentist are the number 1 way to prevent major oral health issues.


September is national gum care month, which makes it the perfect month to schedule a dental appointment to check the health of both your teeth and your gums. Just because you aren’t feeling pain doesn’t mean that there isn’t an issue. Gum disease doesn’t usually start off as painful, but it once it becomes more progressed, you’ll start to feel tenderness. If you haven’t visited the dentist recently we would encourage you to schedule an appointment, and if you are feeling pain, then you should immediately. Don’t put it off!