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What Happens When Invisalign Encounters My Past Dental Work?

Invisalign has risen in popularity among adults the last several decades. With this particular audience in mind, it goes to reason that many Invisalign patients have already undergone various dental procedures which may cause them to worry about their success with the Invisalign process.

The engineers behind Invisalign continue to improve their product, which means the limitations of who can receive Invisalign continues to shrink! When someone looks into getting Invisalign, it’s common to ask whether their past dental procedures make them a less likely candidate for the treatment.

Below are a handful of things to consider as possible causes of delays in your Invisalign treatment.

Insecure crowns:

Your chances of having a crown on your teeth as you get older are much more likely . Because of how Invisalign fits over your teeth, if your crown is coming loose, this may cause a slight delay in your Invisalign treatment. Though crowns do not prohibit Invisalign, it would be wise to get any loose or misfitting crowns fixed before pursuing Invisalign.


Veneers simply attach to your teeth to cover your teeth and present a flawless smile without a need for correction of your teeth themselves. Once again, Invisalign is possible if you’ve ever used veneers. However, if veneers are not properly bonded to your teeth, this could cause a delay in your treatment. Also keep in mind that if the dentist sees fit to add attachments to your teeth in order to make the Invisalign trays fit correctly, these attachments often have difficulties fitting on veneers.

Damaged teeth:

If you have had a past injury to your gums or teeth, Invisalign may cause damage to the remaining nerves in your mouth. If that is a possibility, it may be suggested that you get a root canal before starting your Invisalign treatment. Be sure you are open with your dentist about any possible damage your teeth have endured so you can experience the most beneficial assistance to your overall oral health.

Do Not Give Up Hope For A Second Chance

No matter what your teeth have been through, Invisalign is well-worth looking into and expanding your understanding of what your unique treatment would entail. Each team member at East Center Dental would love to sit down with you, get to know your future goals for your smile, and create a plan on how to work within your circumstances. Call them today!