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Three Things You Need To Know To Have The Best Invisalign Experience

The success stories of Invisalign have greatly increased the number of participants over the last several years. As such, the supportive community of Invisalign users has also grown exponentially thanks to the internet and social media.

If you are someone who enjoys knowing virtually every little user-friendly secret before embarking on a journey like Invisalign, you aren’t alone! Here are three things we think may help you prepare yourself for your personal Invisalign story:

A Good Time To Change My Aligners

Invisalign works by slowly pushing against your teeth to bring them into proper alignment over time. Typically, Invisalign users switch to their next aligner in their progression after a week or two. Although that time frame can change depending on your unique orthodontic needs, the first hours in a new tray can cause some discomfort as your teeth learn their newest position.

To alleviate that pain, many dentists and users alike have suggested changing your trays before bedtime so that you are more likely to sleep through those initial hours of treatment.

Knowing What Is The Right Travel Care Kit To Pack

With traditional braces, maintenance is fairly standard. You’re told to stay away from certain foods, and brush your teeth regularly. Although in order for Invisalign to work the best you should follow the same protocols, Invisalign requires more maintenance because the aligner trays are removable.

In order to experience the best outcomes with Invisalign, you should be wearing your trays at least 22 hours, only removing them when eating or drinking anything other than water. In order to keep your alignment trays as clean as possible, it is highly recommended that you brush and floss after every meal or snack before placing your aligners back into place.

This is to keep both your teeth and your aligners clear of bacteria. Because of your frequent trips to the restroom to brush your teeth, adding a travel care kit containing a travel-size toothbrush, toothpaste, and an aligner case to your daily regimen will be a lifesaver!

Refinement Aligners Are The Best Solution For Obstinate Teeth

Your dentist will work up a treatment plan for a projected timeline for your Invisalign journey. Experienced dentists like those you will find at East Center Dental reliably set a safe, comprehensive plan for your treatment.

However, at times, teeth take longer to shift than projected. If that is the case, your dentist may opt to extend your treatment plan with refinement trays to adjust the more-stubborn teeth. It’s best to be flexible and keep your eye on your final goal: a stunning smile you can be proud to own!

If you are near Kosciusko County in Indiana and would like to set up a consultation to begin your pursuit of a straighter smile while using Invisalign, the team at East Center Dental would love to be a part of your experience. Contact them today!