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Is Invisalign Compatible With My Crowns and Veneers?

A set of healthy teeth can technically be moved at any age. Invisalign can fix issues from mild crowding to severely crooked teeth.

Adults are choosing Invisalign over traditional braces as they can discreetly straighten their smile while still leading a normal, professional life. Adults straightening their teeth with Invisalign have often already had advanced dental work done to their smiles, like crowns or veneers.

Thankfully, teeth can still be straightened using Invisalign even if you already have one of these additional treatments in place.

Can I Get Invisalign With Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are not an automatic disqualifier for Invisalign.

In the majority of cases, straightening teeth with crowns is not much different than straightening a set of natural teeth.

However, there are some issues you and your dentist may encounter.

In order for Invisalign to work effectively on your smile, you need to have teeth that are rooted soundly, and you need to have crowns that are attached and sealed strongly to your teeth.

Occasionally in the Invisalign process, dentists need to attach small, tooth-colored appliances on the surface of your teeth to assist in the straightening process.

If your crowns are not rooted securely, this appliance can pull uncomfortably on your crowns, and slow your Invisalign treatment.

Depending on the state of your crowns, your dentist may install a clear attachment to your teeth that will provide protection to your crowns.

If you currently have dental crowns and are considering Invisalign, talk to your dentist and orthodontist to make sure your crowns are compatible with Invisalign or if you need additional treatment before starting the straightening process.

Can I Get Invisalign With Dental Veneers?

Porcelain veneers are a cosmetic procedure that often corrects bite problems and improves the appearance of your teeth.

Many orthodontists will actually recommend Invisalign as the best straightening method when it comes to patients who already have veneers.

During your Invisalign treatment, your orthodontist or dentist will create a set of trays designed to fit your smile. The beauty of Invisalign is that there are no brackets or adhesives that will pull on your teeth like braces. This means your veneers will be protected and are unlikely to sustain damage during the Invisalign process.

With that said, Invisalign is only possible if your veneers are strong and properly bonded to your teeth. Again, depending on the state of your veneers, your dentists may not be able to attach any additional Invisalign appliances to your teeth.

To determine whether Invisalign will work with your veneers and individual smile, contact your local dentist or orthodontist with any questions you may have.

Make a Plan for Your Smile Future

If you’re trying to decide whether Invisalign is right for you, talk to a team of trusted specialists. The team at East Center Dental can answer any questions about Invisalign and your previous dental work. Contact them today and start planning for your future.