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Invisalign vs Braces

Braces have traditionally been something that teenagers get, and many adults that could have benefited from braces avoided them due to the way they look. But now there are options! There have been many new options when it comes to teeth straightening. It is likely that you have seen products like Invisalign, and maybe you’ve seen ads for at home teeth-straightening products. Now that there are more options than just braces, what is the best option for you?

Invisalign is a system that uses removal, clear aligners that will straighten your teeth over time. One of the biggest draws for Invisalign is that they are very discreet. Due to be removable and clear most people won’t even recognize that you are wearing them. This makes them ideal for adults. This also means you don’t have to change your diet! You can continue to eat whatever you want, and just clean your teeth and put your Invisalign back on. Invisalign also allows for much easier cleaning if your teeth. With braces, it can be difficult to clean the space between your teeth. Or if you have a teen that is active in sports, braces can be a real difficulty or even danger since they can be sharp and do serious damage if a teen is hit in the mouse during a sport. With Invisalign, they can just remove the aligners during the sport.


The purpose of both Invisalign and metal braces is to achieve straight teeth which will have major benefits such as better speech, easier chewing, and your jaw will work properly. When the dentist looks at your teeth they will determine if Invisalign will be a good fit for you. They will be looking at things such as if you need any teeth removed, or are already missing teeth. They also look at things like how crowded your teeth are, and the size and shape of your mouth and jaw. The length of time you will need to have the corrective apparatus is also important and will be considered. In most cases, Invisalign will work great!


At home, straighteners may seem like the cheapest and best option, but there are some major drawbacks to using these. For example, when a dentist is aiding you with Invisalign, they are checking your teeth each time that they fit you for a new set. When you purchase one of these products over the internet you are relying on a website and not a person. So they can often be ineffective and expensive. It is always a better idea to work with your dentist to ensure your teeth will be straightened correctly, and as quickly as possible. We offer consultations on Invisalign, and would love to assist you to achieve a perfect smile!