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Invisalign Disciplines: Why Start Habit-Building Now?

Invisalign has become a popular alternative to traditional metal braces, and for obvious reasons. With Invisalign, you can straighten your teeth discreetly and conveniently at any point in your life.

While Invisalign is one of the easiest and most comfortable ways to straighten your teeth, Invisalign requires good habits and intentional self-discipline. Before starting treatment, you need to consider whether your current lifestyle can match the demands of the Invisalign process.

What Habits Does Invisalign Require?

Wearing Invisalign requires discipline and diligence from all patients. You will need to practice daily habits that might be uncomfortable or annoying at first.

For one, you will have to wear an Invisalign retainer every day, all day long. In order for Invisalign to work, you must wear your retainers 20-22 hours every day.

So, you’re really only removing your aligners to eat meals throughout the day. This can be a difficult habit for some people to keep up with. But in order for the process to be effective, your teeth need consistent pressure from the aligners.

Additionally, Invisalign means you might not be able to enjoy some of your everyday activities. If you are an avid coffee drinker, you really won’t be able to drink coffee throughout the day.

You will have to remove your aligners any time you eat or drink anything other than water. This also means you will need to be comfortable with removing your aligners in public places on occasion.

Another habit you’ll need to adopt is cleaning your teeth after each and every meal.

When you eat or drink, food particles stick to your teeth. If you wear an aligner without brushing your teeth after a meal or drink, then food particles on your teeth could cause permanent staining on your aligners, making them more visible. After every meal, rinse your mouth with water and brush your teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Invisalign patients get used to carrying a toothbrush and toothpaste with them wherever they go.

You will also need to thoroughly clean your aligners. A good time to clean your aligners is right before you put them back in your mouth. Always remember to clean them morning and night during your typical oral hygiene routine. If you decide to use toothpaste to clean your aligners, try to use a non-abrasive toothpaste so you don’t harm the soft plastic.

Are The End Results Worth It?

The Invisalign process might seem demanding—but at the end of your treatment, you are rewarded with a beautiful set of perfectly straight teeth. Invisalign patients will always tell you that the diligent habits required of this process are well worth the effort.

The good news is, if you are dedicated to your dental care, Invisalign may be the perfect option for you. Invisalign offers ease of use, comfort, and excellent dental hygiene, all with the added park of virtual invisibility.

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