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Invisalign: Calm Your Nerves From The First Appointment

No matter what the reason for going, visiting the dentist can make patients nervous. The best way to combat those fears is often knowing exactly what to expect for an appointment.

If you’re going in for your Invisalign consultation soon, knowledge of that appointment may help calm your nerves. After all, the benefits of straightening your smile with Invisalign are worth the unfamiliarity of the process!

What Happens During My Invisalign Appointment?

Even though Invisalign is a much more user-friendly alternative to braces, consultations with your dentist are extremely important. During this consultation, you will be given the chance to ask any questions about the overall process of Invisalign and explain to your dentist what your hopes are for the end results of your smile. Depending on your schedule, you could either be brought back at a later date for your assessment or do it at the same time as your initial consultation.

During the assessment process, your dentist will do the following:

X-rays: As with most other dental work, x-rays of your teeth and jaw are the best way to gain information on the health of your teeth. Getting your teeth x-rayed as a part of your Invisalign consultation will help your dentist know the unique challenge your teeth present themselves below your gum line. That information assists the dentist in making a treatment plan specific to your mouth.

Creating Molds: After the x-rays are taken, you’re ready to create the molds of your teeth. Typically, the mold is made out of a putty-like material which will help us make aligners that perfectly fit on your teeth so the alignment process can begin as soon as your aligner trays come in a few weeks after your appointment.

Final Fitting: When your aligners come in, your dentist will bring you in to do the final fitting. This is all to make sure the aligners fit you correctly from the get-go so that the projected treatment plan can continue uninterrupted. This appointment is also a great time for you to clarify any questions you have about maintenance and self-care of your teeth and aligners during your time wearing your new Invisalign aligners.

What Is Unique About Invisalign Consultations?

Other than the cost, appearance, and duration you wear Invisalign, it may be feeling like it’s nearly identical to getting traditional braces. The biggest difference during this portion of the process is when your dentist can consider doing interdental reduction, interproximal reduction, or “IPR.”

This is a simple procedure where your dentist reduces a tooth’s width by removing a small amount of its outer layer of enamel. It is a painless procedure performed to narrow the tooth itself so that as your teeth move to their correct alignment, they don’t rub against each other.

When choosing Invisalign, if your dentist deems IPR as a necessary part of your treatment plan, it must be performed before your molds are made, so that your molds will be correct. Traditional braces, however, can have this done at any point in the treatment process.

Are You Interested To Take That First Step?

If you’re interested in starting your Invisalign journey, and live in or near Kosciusko County, the team at East Center Dental would be delighted to assist you every step of the way. Our friendly, knowledgeable, and reliable staff will help you feel in control of your treatment plan while supporting your pursuit of a dreamy smile from your first visit. Give them a call today!