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How to Take Care of Invisalign While Traveling

Invisalign has become a popular dental treatment due to its ease and convenience for users. However, though Invisalign is more convenient than other options, Invisalign still requires dedication and commitment throughout your entire treatment.

Many people are intimidated of taking care of their Invisalign while traveling. Vacation is a great time to relax and leave your responsibilities behind—but this doesn’t mean you can stop taking care of your smile.

As long as you plan ahead, you can plan your future trips and vacation with peace of mind.

Pack A Travel Kit

The first step in preparing for a trip with Invisalign is to pack a travel kit with all the essentials.

Your travel kit should include:

1. A soft bristle toothbrush

A soft bristle toothbrush is the best method for cleaning your trays on the go without scratching your aligners. Also, keep in mind you should always brush your teeth before putting your aligner trays back in.

2. Travel-size mouthwash

It can be difficult while traveling to find a place to fully clean your aligners. If you’re pressed for time, you can use mouthwash after meals before replacing your aligners, and then do a more thorough brush once you have access to clean water again.

3. Aligner case

Keep your aligner case close to you at all times. Never set your aligners on a napkin or other surface where you might forget them or accidentally throw them away. Make it a practice to immediately place your aligners back in their case after you remove them.

Now that you know what to include in your travel kit, make sure you keep it near you at all times. If boarding a plane, put your travel kit in your carry-on luggage rather than your packed bag. That way, in case your baggage gets lost, you won’t be out several pairs of aligners.

Bring Extra Aligners

If you’re going on an extended trip, you’ll want to bring extra aligners with you. Remember, Invisalign is a progressive process. Once you’ve finished one set of aligners, you’ll need to move to a new set of aligners in order to move forward.

In order to do this, your dentist or orthodontist will need to fit you for your next set of aligners before you leave on your trip. This means you need to be in touch with your dentist well before your date of departure. Many dentists also recommend bringing your old aligners. That way, in case you lose your current set, you can at least keep your teeth from sliding back into their previous position.

Keep Up Your Routine

Remember, in order for Invisalign to work effectively, you need to wear your aligners for about 22 hours every day.

This can seem impossible when you’re traveling. It’s inconvenient to remove your aligners in public for eating and drinking.

But if you get lazy on vacation, you can undo months of progress in just a few days. So don’t give up on the good habits you’ve already formed.

If traveling with Invisalign still sounds intimidating, don’t worry. Traveling with Invisalign will get easier the more you do it. Once you’ve created your own routine and follow the tips and tricks discussed above, you’ll be able to travel with confidence during your treatment.

Talk To An Expert

Invisalign is a commitment that will change your lifestyle. But it doesn’t have to interfere with your travels. If you’re planning an upcoming trip, talk with your local dentist. The team at East Center Dental is dedicated to making your Invisalign process as simple as possible. Contact them today!