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How to Have a Sparkling White Smile

Having a sparkling white smile is something that most people would love to have! Most people, when asked what they would improve about their smile, they say whiter teeth. But diet, aging, and hygiene issues can all lead to teeth that are yellow. But don’t worry, there are steps you can take to reverse these effects! We are going to give you tips for getting a beautiful white smile!

Cutting back on beverages and foods that generally stain your teeth is a great way to help prevent yellowing teeth. This may not be easy, but coffee, tea, and wine are all beverages that will stain your teeth over time, and cutting them out of your diet can help stop yellowing. Acid is the main cause of teeth staining since it will eat at the enamel and allow the dentin to show through. Foods such as lemons and tomatoes are acidic and if you eat a lot of these it could trigger staining. Cutting out soft drinks is another great way to prevent teeth staining.


You can also use a straw instead of drinking straight from a cup since this will keep the staining liquid away from your teeth. Brushing your teeth right after you eat some types of foods or drinks is a great way to prevent staining. Brushing can undo many negative effects. Which is why practicing good oral hygiene is so important. If you are brushing twice per day and flossing, as well as visiting your dentist regularly, it is unlikely that you will have severely stained teeth.


Smoking is the biggest culprit of stained teeth. If you use tobacco, then chances are your teeth will be yellowed or brown. This is just the start of the problems. Smoking will usually cause tooth decay, gum disease, and even losing teeth. The only potential fix for someone that smokes is professional teeth whitening. But even this can’t undo the damage smoking causes to your teeth and the rest of your health. We would always suggest that you stop smoking.


The last and most effective way to get your teeth sparkling white is by having your dentist do a professional teeth whitening. We offer Zoom Teeth Whitening, which we find offers some of the best results for professional teeth whitening. This just requires a short time at our office and we can get your teeth looking amazing. This is a great way to help your smile sparkle, and is inexpensive and safe!