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How to Get a White Teeth.

Winter can seem like it lasts forever, but warm weather will come in a couple months. We usually see an increase in the quantities of patients interested in teeth whitening when the weather warms up. People want to look their best during the summer months, and there are weddings, and graduations coming up. Sun and warm weather make colors stand out more, which makes the results of Zoom Whitening look stunning. Professional dental teeth whitening is affordable and can transform your smile.

There are many different teeth whitening products, including some that can be done at home. East Center Dental uses Zoom Whitening because we find that it offers tangible results and is safe and harmless to your teeth. The process is also simple! Here are the steps involved in transforming your smile.


Step 1: Preparation

Zoom whitening is an in-office procedure. It usually takes between 30 minutes and an hour, and a full oral exam is needed. As with any procedure, there is paperwork that needs to be filled out. Once you have filled out the required paperwork you will then need to have an oral examination to determine that your teeth and gums are healthy enough for the whitening process. The dentist also needs to know if you have any crowns, bridges etc. If you have not had a cleaning recently then you will most likely need to have one performed. You might be surprised by how much of a difference a cleaning can make.


Step 2: Whitening

The first step in the Zoom Whitening procedure is to protect your gums and other soft tissue. We will separate your lower and upper teeth to keep them from touching, and we do this with cotton balls and some other instruments. It isn’t uncomfortable, but our suggestion would be to bring chapstick! Next, we protect your gums by painting them with a protective layer. The Whitening agent is powerful, so the protection is important. You are now ready for the Zoom Whitening agent to be put on your teeth. It is only applied to the fronts of your teeth. Laser lights are shone onto the agent which makes the process much more effective. You will be given glasses to protect your eyes during the process. All you have to do is sit back, breath and relax. The full whitening process requires four 15 minute sessions.


Step 3: Look amazing

After each session, the amount of whitening agent or the light is adjusted. Once the Zoom whitening is process is completed your smile will look great. When you leave there is a list of items that you aren’t able to eat or drink for 48 hours. This is very important since the whitening agent actually removes a protective outer layer on your teeth, and it needs time to recover. Dark liquids and some foods could actually stain your teeth if you eat or drink them right after having your teeth whitened.


Zoom Whitening offers great results, with a simple process. We think it is the best value in the market for our patients. Give us a call if you have any questions about Zoom Whitening.