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Everything You Need to Know About Your Child Losing Teeth

If you are a first-time parent, then everything is going to be new for you! You’ll have to learn your child, and how to handle each situation as it comes up. At some point, you will have to be prepared to handle your children losing teeth. Here is what you need to know in regards to your child losing their baby teeth.

When will my child lose their baby teeth?

The age that kids will lose their baby teeth is different for every child. But usually, they will start to lose some baby teeth by the age of 8, and normally will have lost all of their teeth by 15. It is normal to lose baby teeth in the same order that you go them. So for many kids, this is the front teeth first. Girls will sometimes lose their teeth earlier, then boys. The other main cause for teeth to fall out is dental issues like cavities. Do not make the mistake of thinking that baby teeth don’t matter since they will be replaced anyway. This is not true, since baby teeth can still cause gum issues, and can prevent the adult teeth from growing in properly. If your child’s teeth haven’t started to grow in around the age of 8 then we would suggest talking to the dentist to make sure there aren’t any problems.


Can I pull their teeth?

Ideally, you should let baby teeth fall out naturally, this prevents the possibility of gum trauma. Most kids will wiggle the tooth naturally and this is a good thing! We would suggest explaining to your child what happens, and encouraging them, this will prevent them from being scared! It is also a good idea to prepare them for what happens once they lose the tooth. There are also many fun kids’ books that explain what happens. Get your child excited about the tooth fairy!


What happens after they lose their teeth?

Thankfully, unlike baby teeth, when adult teeth come in they don’t normally hurt. The molars can be the exception to this. It can take some time for the front teeth to come in, so help your child embrace the look since their isn’t anything they can do about it. When the adult teeth are about to come in you’ll notice that the color of the gums will usually change. Once they have their adult teeth it is even more important that they know how to take care of their teeth since that set is the last set of teeth they will ever get.


Losing teeth is part of life, and it is up to you to make it a fun event for your child. The Tooth fairy is a big reason that many children enjoy losing teeth and apparently the current rate in the US is around $4 per tooth! If you are ever unsure of something with your child’s teeth or if they aren’t falling out on their own, then schedule a time to visit the dentist with your child and they will be able to help!