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Consequences: Cheap DIY Braces Quickly Ruin Your Smile

A few years back, social media chatter excitedly revealed a new trend that was much cheaper: “Do It Yourself” Braces! While the average overall cost of Invisalign or traditional braces is $6,000, this phenomenally surprising trend cost mere dollars and used every-day household items such as elastic hairbands, tying the bands around the teeth with unwanted gaps between them. Great savings, greater outcomes, right?

Due to the economy, the trend skyrocketed in popularity at alarming rates. So much so, in fact, that the American Association of Orthodontists issued a formal statement warning against the DIY trend. While home-made orthodontia may not seem as risky as doing your own surgical operations, the results of the “project” can cause more harm than good.

What Are The Risks of DIY Braces?

If the unexpected outcomes aren’t enough to make you skeptical of DIY Braces, there are a few other reasons the at-home project should be avoided at all costs.

Importance Of Timing

The most important reason you should abstain from attempting DIY braces is due to timing. One person who attempted making braces at home testified on social media that he achieved a better, straighter smile in just 16 weeks.

Though that relatively-short amount of time for straighter teeth turned quite a few heads, there’s a reason Invisalign braces can take on average between nine and 18 months. Shifting your teeth is a very delicate process, and if you go too quickly, you take a very high risk that it will cause nerve and gum damage.

Unaware Of Risks

After a simple search on YouTube, you’ll find dozens of videos of young adults telling the cameras: “It hurts a little, but it’s worth it.” That could, quite possibly and most likely, be early warning signs of bone damage, and, if not addressed, could lead to your teeth actually falling out. The length of orthodontic treatment, and the specific tools used, are scientifically chosen in order to make sure your crooked teeth are corrected in the safest way possible.

Back-End Costs

Shelling out $60 for household items to fix something which is known to otherwise cost thousands of dollars is easily justifiable. However, it would be wise to consider the bigger picture before pursuing any such venture on cost alone.

If you attempt closing gaps using improper materials, although gaps may diminish, you could risk pushing other teeth out of place and in dangerous directions. This type of unmonitored shift can make it hard for your jaw to close, affecting your ability to eat correctly. Correcting such issues can cost upwards to four times as much as Invisalign costs. Yikes!

A Straighter Smile Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

Finances may have discouraged you in the past from getting help with your crooked or gappy smile. However, there is no reason to resort to something as dangerous as DIY braces with doctors such as the ones you’ll find at Kosciusko County’s East Center Dental.

East Center Dental accepts most insurance plans, and is capable of setting up payment plans through Care Credit. Call them for a consultation today!