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Botox and Dentistry?

When many people think about Botox, they think of middle-aged people trying to stay looking young. But this isn’t actually the case! Botox is actually the most popular cosmetic procedure around and almost seven and a half million injections were performed in 2018. Recently dentists have started to be part of this rise in popularity, and we think that it is the next big thing!

What is Botox?

Botox is a drug that is made by bacterium clostridium botulinum. While this is the same toxin that is in a dangerous type of food poisoning, it is FDA approved for cosmetic procedures and is safe! It is also used to treat a few different health problems like migraines, and excessive sweating and blinking. What it actually does is stops the nerves around the injected area from controlling the muscles. This makes the skin around this area temporarily softer. The results generally last around 3 months.

Botox and Dentists

The most well-known use for Botox is for wrinkle reducing injections. However, there are actually more applications for this nerve-blocking drug. It has begun to be used by Dentists for treating teeth grinding, TMJ, and even adjusting the lips before oral surgery. So next time you go in for an oral health issue, they may offer Botox to you!

Why Dentists?

You may be wondering why a dentist is a natural fit for Botox. The reason is that dentists have a large amount of training in facial and oral health, and anatomy. Many believe that is no one more qualified for Botox! It is always a great idea to go to someone who is experienced and professional since it will make the process go quickly and as pain-free as possible!

So you can see there are some great reasons to use Botox, and overall it is a super beneficial drug, that has allowed us to offer care that we couldn’t before. If your dentist suggests Botox, think about it and give it a chance!